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About Catalyst

It’s a known fact that CA Final Students are some of the busiest creatures on earth. In addition to undergoing Articleship and GMCS training, they should also attend the final coaching classes and simultaneously prepare for the exams. CA Final is a very stressful and daunting stage in a student's life.
Unfortunately, almost all of the CA Final Coaching institutes in the market seem to ignore this fact. Their classes are designed and structured in old fashioned ways and none of them try to take advantage of technology to deliver quality classes in terms of both knowledge deliverance and audio-visual presentation.
Catalyst strives to fill up this void. Catalyst ensures that the students learn the concepts in the most time efficient manner. Instead of wasting the precious time of the students, the Catalyst team members spend more of their own time to create exceptionally designed and well-structured classes. Catalyst classes are engaging, informative, efficient, and most importantly, will help the students in achieving success in their exams.
If you’re a CA Final Student……you deserve better! You deserve Catalyst!!

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Catalyst Enterprises, S2, 2nd Floor, Vijaya Bharati Residency, Santhipuram, Akkayyapalem, Visakhapatnam-530 016
Contact Number: 8639620130
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