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Exemption Guaranteed Plan Vs Regular Plan

1. What is Exemption Guaranteed Plan ? 

The Students who opted for this plan are guaranteed to secure 60 or more marks in paper 6B FSCM exam conducted by ICAI 

2. What additional benefits do I get if I choose the Exemption Guaranteed Plan instead of the Regular Plan ? 

In addition to the guarantee of securing 60 marks or more, the students receive the following additional benefits a) Classes are extendable in exceptional circumstances on case to case basis b) Compilation of Summary/Revision classes of total 8 hour duration c) Doubts/Query Resolution directly with the faculty through Live Sessions 

3. What is Compilation of Summary/Revision classes? How will it help me?   

At the end of each Catalyst FSCM video class, you will find a Summary/Revision session of about 4 minutes duration. These sessions are separately compiled chapterwise and have been included in the Exemption Guaranteed Plan. The Summary/Revision videos are extremely helpful while revising for the exams and could easily help you score 10-15 additional marks 

4. Does it mean that I won't score 60 marks or more if I choose the Regular Plan ? 

Catalyst classes are designed to help you not only understand the concepts lucidly but also to score high marks in the exams. Whatever be the plan, we expect most of our students to score more than 60 marks (Actually, we expect a majority of our students to score more than 80 marks. But we don't like to brag!!) However, we should all accept the fact that a CA Final student faces time constraints and therefore, should prepare for the exams both efficiently and effectively. While both the Regular and Exemption Guaranteed Plans are meant to serve this purpose, the Exemption Guaranteed Plan offers a fully loaded package. It relieves the student of the burden of strategizing and revising for the exams. With Exemption Guaranteed Plan, we want you to just relax and stay assured while leaving all your worries to us. Catalyst will take care of your result! 

5. What if I don't secure 60 marks or more in paper 6B FSCM? 

The Student can claim a full fee refund (Rs 9,999) from Catalyst 

6. Should I satisfy any other conditions to make the refund claim ? 

The Student should secure atleast 40 marks in each of the remaining 3 papers of Group 2. This rule is to ensure that only serious students who are committed to pass group 2 are compensated

7. Should I pass Group 2 to make the refund claim ? 

Not required. The Student is eligible for a refund irrespective of the Group 2 result. However, as stated above, the student should secure atleast 40 marks in each of the remaining 3 papers of Group 2 

8. Should I pass paper 6B FSCM to make the refund claim ? 

Not required. The Student can claim the refund if he/she secured less than 60 marks in paper 6B FSCM 

9. What if I scored single digit marks in FSCM ? Am I eligible for a refund?

Of course you are. We are supremely confident that none of our students will fail in FSCM or score below 60. But for unfortunate reasons, if you end up scoring less than 60 , you are more than welcome to make the refund claim 

10. Can I claim the refund if I was absent for the Exam ? 

No. The Student should attend paper 6B FSCM Exam to claim the refund 

11. What details should I submit to make the refund claim ? 

The Student should submit a screenshot of the Marksheet within 48 hours from the time of declaration of the results. The student should also submit the Registration Number, Roll Number, Pin etc. so that we can independently verify the claim. The claim details along with the Bank details of the claimant should be submitted to 

12. The Refund will be made in how many days ? 

Upon satisfaction of the validity of the claim, the Refund amount shall be deposited into the Bank Account of the claimant within 7 working days 

13. The Refund claim is valid for which attempt/attempts ? 

The Student can claim the refund for either May/Jun 2021 attempt or for the Nov 2021 attempt. The choice is left to the student. However, the claim can be made only once 

14. Can I claim the Refund for the Nov 2021 attempt if I purchased the classes in Feb/Mar 2021 and the validity expires before the Nov 2021 exams ? 

Yes, you can. Irrespective of the date of purchase of the classes, you can claim the refund either for May/Jun 2021 attempt or for Nov 2021 attempt. However, you should clearly state the attempt for which you want to claim the refund while signing up for the classes 

15. Do I need to watch all the video classes or attend any mock tests to make the claim ? 

There are no such restrictions/requirements. You are free to watch the classes as per your own terms. We believe that the CA Final students are matured enough to plan their class schedules

Illustrations of Valid & Invalid Refund Claims

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